Roofing conversion, Whickham.

This was one of the first projects we were asked to look at; it consisted of the production of drawings to enable the conversion of an old leaking flat roof over a garage and dining room, to a to a new tiled pitched roof.

House extension in Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne

Flat roof to pitched roof conversion.

We received planning approval for the scheme in May and submitted it for building regulations approval immediately following this.

This work will leave the house water tight for decades to come. Works have been completed externally to date, and internal works are under way. This scheme will, when finished, also bring the standard of insulation in the roof, up-to modern standards. Incorporate a roof light to improve the quality of light in what was once a relatively dark dining room and include a ceiling which will follow the pitch of the roof to increase headroom in the dining area and further increase lighting levels from the roof light.

Whickham Finished Roof External

Roof completed externally.

Completed internals

Completed internals

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